Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And thats how it all began

Today, working on my thesis proposal, I felt sick. And I needed to think of something interesting. Mike had just replied to my email about free land in kansas and said something about wind turbines. And me and Jason had sketched out many ideas about making the world better. So this is what we should do. We are going to publish out ephemeral thoughts in our modest blog. The name is purely incidental and not related to our academic standing.

The thesis is more interesting than the defence (SM)


Blogger $mike said...

You know, I've always had this... skepticism… about blogs. Who the hell cares what a coupla loser grad (and/or former/wannabe grad) students are thinking today? Or some lawyers in Minnesota? Or anyone who isn’t regularly featured on “Entertainment Tonight”?

I guess that’s not the point though…

For my first undefended and thus undefeatable thesis, I will work on the story of Porno, North Dakota. News at eleven.

8:32 AM  
Blogger $mike said...

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