Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google: Size does matter

Its pretty interesting to look at Google's recent projects and acquisitions, and wonder where exactly they are going. Skitz has claimed that Google isnt really innovating, its already too big for that. I think they are. They are innovating at the level of basic systems infrastructure, with things like GFS and MapReduce. They are also innovating with domains to search and index: pictures, books, video, blogs. I think it was visionary to name the company Google, since if there is a common pattern here, it is that they are figuring out how to search and index huge amounts of information. Two or three years ago, I had said that Google was going to be the most important internet company. Now it seems like I was wrong, it just might be the most important company. Things to ponder over:
  • Will Google remain ~good~?
  • What's Google's vision, with what they have been doing lately?
  • What do you see 10 years from now?
EPIC 2014 is a vision, pretty interesting. Below is a list of recent Google accomplishments. Now what do you think?

It searches the full text of the closed captioning data and grabs screenshots from the video stream. Currently only a handful of stations back to December 2004, but looking to expand.

Google is digitizing the following library collections.
A terrific geospatial imagery software. I downloaded the trial version and loved it. I might have even liked Geography if this was around when I was a kid.

Pretty good software for managing pictures. I did download and install it, but since I dont have many pictures and dont own a digital camera, cant really comment.

Here we are.


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