Sunday, March 20, 2005

Audio input jack on dashboard

GM just announced that some its new 2006 line will have an audio input jack. Apparently this is the first time a car manufacturer has decided to do this. When people were going through all the trouble of the tape adapter thingie to connect their cd-players. And fm-transmitter adapters. Why did the car manufacturers take so long to do this? While we are on the dashboard, why isnt a compass a standard feature? GPS is good, but a compass can go a long way, is much cheaper, and might even look cool.


Blogger klenk said...

first off...who uses the stock audio system in their car?

I may have my driver side mirror held on by epoxy but that is only so I could use that money on my stereo and speakers. Now if you install your own, it really is not that tough to have an audio in jack. my roommate showed me it and the only reason i passed on it was that i felt the mp3 cd player would suffice. I regret this decision now, and it would be a hassle to take care of.

What I am more surprised about is that audio systems have not built in this feature. You gotta think the sounds system nerds would love to have an audio in built right into the deck. they have these crazy decks that fold out and expand in all kinds of goofy ways, but i gotta think just a simple audio in would make for an instant market success.

why did I feel the need to respond to this?

1:15 AM  
Blogger $mike said...

Simple really... You have to think about it from the manufacture’s standpoint. How would you sell the consumer an overpriced yet simplistic sound generator (radio, cassette, CD, etc) if you forced upon them the elegant solution of an audio-input? I'm willing to bet the executive who brought that up at a GM board meeting got canned for such nonsense. They don't care about what is convenient for you. They care about selling you shit.

8:54 AM  

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