Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vonnegut misquoted

To the editor:

Regarding David Nason's article of 19th November, "US author lauds suicide bombers," it is completely out of context and innacurate caricature of Kurt Vonnegut's opinions. It is very clear that David Nason is fully unaware of Vonnegut's sense of humor, and it almost seems he had an agenda in misquoting Vonnegut and developing his own theories of what Vonnegut might have intended. Please issue a retraction, if such a thing is possible, as it is shameful for your newspaper to have printed such nonsense. In order to understand the blunder that David Nason has committed, please point your readers to Vonnegut's recent article Cold Turkey. Thanks a lot.

Praveen Paritosh

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